Krissy has been my massage therapist for nearly three years.  I am a DC suburban mom who commutes into downtown DC daily, and she has been the monthly welcome relief to a stiff and tired soul.  Beyond the amazingly relaxing experience, she has addressed my sciatic postpartum.  She also addresses and brings relief from my frequent headaches and migraines.  One day when I was entering a migraine, the one hour massage relieved it entirely.  I would highly suggest Krissy for anyone who seeks and welcomes the therapeutic benefits from regular massage, provided by a very competent and compassionate therapist.


I have been getting massages off and on for the last twenty years, and Krissy is hands-down the best masseuse I've had! Every masseuse seems to have a unique style, but I like Krissy's the best.  Her massages are soothing, both gentle and strong, and always help to get out my knots and relieve my tension! She is also very knowledgeable about muscles and their function, which I find very helpful.  In addition to just feeling very good and being relaxing, Krissy's massages have also helped me with back pain I've had off and on.  I truly believe that Krissy's massages are one of the best things I can do for my health.


Due to a serious back problem, I have been getting therapeutic massages almost monthly for over 20 years. Every time we have moved, finding a new massage therapist has been difficult. I had tried several therapists in greater Reston before a friend recommended Krissy. She is awesome!  It is as if on any particular day, she can ‘read’ my back and tailor her work accordingly. Also, I have never been a fan of hot stone massage until I received one from Krissy. The stones are almost part of her hands and their warmth feels great, not hard. I can not recommend her enough.


I have been dealing with severe pain in my back for several years as a result of my work as an emergency first responder. Seeing Krissy regularly has been the most effective way I have found to help both relieve this pain as well as alleviate the stress of my new fast-paced, demanding work situation. She combines a knowledge of the field and attention to detail with her true passion for healing and her amazing ability to connect - I am beyond grateful to her for not only helping me manage my pain, but also doing so in a relaxed, comfortable - and professional - way each and every time. Thank you Krissy!


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