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I want to thank you so much for your interest in my new business. Your support has meant so much and I would love to continue working with you. I also want to say that if you are staying with Hand & Stone I am sincerely happy to give you a referral.


Now I would like to give you the details of the business, and how they will be different for you, my existing client and your immediate family members.


Your rates will be:


60min Therapeutic Massage- $80

60min Hot Stone Massage- $100

90min Therapeutic Massage- $115

90min Hot Stone Massage- $135


Gift Certificate Codes (Please do not share with anyone outside your immediate family):


60min Massages (Therapeutic & Hot Stone)- 15GC

90min Massages (Therapeutic & Hot Stone)- 20GC


As you may know, Hand & Stone raised the membership fee to $69.95 as of March 2018, so while the prices are $10 more for 60min massages and $15 more for 90min massages, at the $69.95 price point, regardless of how much gratuity you left, you are either paying the same or less than you are at Hand & Stone. 


While I will accept gratuity, I understand we all have budgets and if this price reduces or precludes entirely your ability to leave gratuity that is completely fine. All of my projections have been done with the assumption that I will not receive any gratuity.


I put the prices where I did because now that I have overhead costs relying on tips as almost half of my income does not make sense for me. Below is a list of benefits you receive for the extra $10.


  • Full 60min and 90min massages (10 extra minutes)

  • Add-ons add time to your service instead of being incorporated

  • No extra cost for different modalities

  • Time allotted for consultation (no rushing through things)

  • Online booking (no dealing with the front desk)

  • Complimentary aromatherapy


Vital Therapeutic Massage LLC

Springwood Professional Center

464 Herndon Pkwy Suite 116

Herndon, VA 20170

(540) 226-8009


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